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Plotki: Trwa casting do roli Microchip w serialu "Punisher"?
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David_Lieberman.jpgChociaż oficjalnie tego nie potwierdzono, to prawdopodobnie premiera serialu "Punisher" od Netflix przypadnie na rok 2017. Na razie doniesienia te to wyłącznie plotki. Tak samo jak casting do ról w serialu.

Według MCU Exchange obecnie poszukiwany jest aktor do roli Davida “Microchipa” Liebermana. Podobno na castingach, by nie zdradzać o jaką postać chodzi, występuje ona jako Dennis Landstrom.

Do sieci trafił także fragment sceny, którą muszą odegrać aktorzy na castingu.

Frank: You’re nervous
Micro: What, no I’m not, I’m not nervous, why would you even…
Frank: You keep checking your watch, but you’re not really checking the time, it’s a nervous tick. You might be good with computers and all, but you’d be shit with poker.
Micro: You’re early, I’m just a little surprised is all, I didn’t expect to find you here already.
Frank: Why were you here if you didn’t expect me to be here then?
Micro: Me? I’m always early. I make a point of it, I make sure to be where I have to be before I have to be there. (beat) So, you got the message.
Frank: I’m here.
Micro: Yeah well, You aren’t easy to find.
Frank: I’m not supposed to be found at all.
Micro: Desperate times call for desperate measures don’t they?
Frank: You got one minute, then I’m walking out the door and you won’t find me, I guarantee you.
Micro: Okay, okay I understand. Look, first of all, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t contact you if I didn’t think that you could help.
Frank: Contacting me puts us both in danger. You could have been followed.
Micro: (Laughs) I wasn’t, trust me.
Frank: I don’t trust you, I don’t even know you. I should put a bullet in your head right here and now.
Micro: Okay, look, that would not be in your best interest.
Frank: Why wouldn’t it be?
Micro: Your just lucky that I’m a little smarter, and a little faster than them.
Frank: I’ll take my chances.
Micro: Look we are both in a world of trouble here. We can keep sleeping with one eye open the rest of our lives, or we can make a stand and stop them before they find us.
Frank: I don’t need you for that
Micro: What? We can help each other, we’re in the same boat, and yes you do need me
Frank: I don’t need anybody
Micro: You need answers, though, don’t you? I’m right, aren’t I? You have a lot of unanswered questions.
Frank: I don’t know what you’re talking about
Micro: I know that we’re after the same people, or I should say the same people are after us, which means that we are after the same people.
Frank: How do you know that?
Micro: It’s like you said, I’m good at computers, and the like. Look, friend, I know your story, and I know we can make things right again.
Frank: What do you want?
Micro: I want your help. I had a wife and kids, a family, and those bastards, they just took it away from me, and you know what that’s like, and I want my life back. As far as I can figure this is the only way to go about it, but I can’t do it alone. I know my limits, and I need your help.
Frank: I don’t know you, I don’t trust you. We’re out of time.
Micro: Does the name Nicholas Simon mean anything to you? (beat) He’s in town. I know where he is, and I know how to get to him.
Frank: Where is he?
Micro: Partners?
Frank: Tell me where he is.
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